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Product overview

Insuma products differ by supported formats and sources of the searchable content, as well as the way they are installed. The search engine may run at Insuma (ASP model), in-house by the client or be integrated into your product as a component, see Installation types.

  • InsumaFocus   - a search engine for fixed data sources

    The InsumaFocus search engine indexes explicitly specified data sources. One-stop parallel searches can be performed over multiple Intranet servers, Web sites, or databases. The search interface can be easily customized for your requirements. InsumaFocus indexes the documents in off-peak times, when the load on your servers is relatively low.

  • InsumaScout   - a topic-oriented search engine for the Web.

    InsumaScout explores data publicly available in the Internet. You define a topic of interest by providing sample documents. InsumaScout looks for topically similar documents on the Web and notifies you of the results at regular intervals. This way you become aware of relevant new Web pages some hours after they appear. The product can be used for business intelligence, information support of research and development or instant creation of subject search engines.

  • InsumaLicense   - Full integration into your product or system

    We develop a fully customized solution for tight integration into your system or product. The available CORBA interfaces reduce the costs and the development time. The advanced search functionality thus becomes an integrated part of the business process supported by your software product. You can distribute our libraries with the product.

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