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INSUMA develops and runs smart search engines for intranets and the Internet. We integrate our search software into your IT environment or customize it for your existing software or Web portal. INSUMA provides maintainance and support of the installed search engines.


We offer an open distributed search architecture that employs neural networks with competitive learning and advanced natural language processing. XML and CORBA interfaces make integration with third party systems easier.
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Our product portfolio:
InsumaFocus The search engine for portals, eShops and intranets. InsumaFocus takes into account German and English morphology to detect inflections of search terms, can find misspelled proper names ("phonetic search") and corrects typos in queries. You can add your database, CMS or intranet to the search, allowing you to search many document formats. More...
InsumaScout This is the tool of your choice, if you want to extend your own knowledge domain or watch cometitor's websites (price changes in eShops, etc.). InsumaScout allows you to generate topic oriented search engines on the fly without having to invest too much time in manual searches. More...
Generally, all our products are offered either as ASP or as in-house solution. You have the choice whether to host the search service at one of our servers, or run it on your own server. Please drop us an e-mail, so we can offer you an optimal variant.
Quality matters!
INSUMA is commited to providing highest quality of service to full satisfaction whatever resources you would like to make searchable: Portal, membership area, distributed corporate Intranet - we find the right solution for you at a fair price. Test us!
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Bayer AG

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SES Astra
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"INSUMA perfectly extends our CITYWERK product family." Tobias Eismann, Board Chairman of MINDWERK AG

"INSUMA has provided us with the state-of-the-art solution for knowledge acquisition from the Internet."
Marcel Ruetz, CEO Knowledge Agent GmbH

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