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Online Demo-Center

Please test the Insuma technology live. This page provides a collection of demos running on our server.

  • Morphology Plugin for German This tool is used in the Insuma products for morpho-linguistical analysis of German texts. It is based on the linguistical analysis technology supplied by our partner TEXTEC as well as our own morphological library.

  • Phonetical Plugin can be used for finding similarly sounding proper names. The users frequently mistype company, product and personal names (e.g., 'Alladin' instead of 'Aladdin').

  • Typing Error Plugin automatically corrects minor typing errors like missing or swapped characters in the user queries. It takes into account typical keyboard layouts.

  • InsumaFocus An example installation of InsumaFocus - the search engine for portals, content mangement systems, intranets, eShops, etc... Please test InsumaFocus - the official search engine live!

  • InsumaScout performs focused search in the whole Web looking for documents that match the administrator-defined topics. To define the topic of interest the user provides; for example documents or keywords. InsumaScout delivers batches of supposedly relevant URLs at regular intervals. Please request a test account from us to start this demo.

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