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Networked knowledge becomes increasingly important for business decision making. Corporate knowledge, however, often remains hidden in a multitude of data formats, company branches, servers and incompatible information systems. Our solution puts you in control of one of the most valuable assets of your company. The integrated view of all your internal data combined with Internet resources making informed decisions. The right ones.

INSUMA at a Glance

INSUMA develops and runs smart search engines for intranets and the Internet. We integrate our search software into your IT environment or customize it for your existing software or Web portal. INSUMA provides maintainance and support of the installed search engines.

Our approach
Insuma designs and develops individual search solutions for your company intranet and/or the Internet. The strategy for switching to the new search system is defined collaboratively.
We produce a concept of the new search systems after detailed analysis of your requirements. The system will be tailored according to your needs. A detailed specification will be produced at this stage.
This search solution offers more than you can expect from an off-the-shelf system. INSUMA offers a platform for one-stop parallel search over all data sources: servers in all corporate branches, intranet and Internet data, on-line shops, proprietary databases. Multiple document formats can be indexed and made searchable, in particular databases and legacy systems can be integrated in the search solution.
Commercial modules like topic-specific thesauri and specialised linguistical tools can be added dynamically to a production system. Administration and configuration tools help system management.
Why choose a search solution from INSUMA?
Scalability: from a simgle CD to a text database to Internet-wide search.
Distributed Architecture: One-stop parallel search over multiple information sources. Neural network technology used for document classification.
Intuitive interface. Similar hits are grouped together. The user can refine queries by marking the most relevant documents in the previous result set.
Technical innovation: The INSUMA team cooperates with the University of Tuebingen in incorporating the latest scientific advances in Information Retrieval into software products.

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