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The Insuma Search Engine for Open Volumes of Data

InsumaScout searches data situated in open data sources. You define the topic and INSUMA Scout uncovers and supplies you with relevant Internet findings. As an added value, you also receive important additional information on related subjects from the Internet. At this level, you are able to generate a specified information search for your clients. Customers with fixed requirements for subject data will appreciate this advantage.

Customizing with modules:

INSUMAScout can be adapted to meet your specific needs by adding additional modules.

Potential applications:

  • Specific search engine: You operate a portal that is dedicated to a particular topic and you want to offer your clients a specified information search on this subject. The advantage: Strengthened client relations through personalized service and topic-specific content.
  • Knowledge agent: You need solid, new content on the topic of "Supply Chain Management," "Logistics and E-Business" or on another one of your divisions. Our INSUMA Scout search engine secures and delivers this content to you independently and effortlessly. The advantage: You enjoy an enormous boost in effectiveness and save a significant amount of time!
  • Business intelligence: You are constantly on the prowl for any new information about your competitors, markets, etc. The advantage: You obtain news immediately and get a good overview without having to cover large investigative expenses.

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